#1 Ski Resort offers Sweet Treats at Royal Street Cafe {Park City}

Deer Valley Resort, located in beautiful and breathtaking Park City, Utah has been rated the #1 Ski Resort in America for the 5th year in a row by SKI Magazine and not only do they provide some of the best slopes in the country for snow skiing, but have you seen this town in the Summer? None other than to be described as picturesque.

I had the honor and true privilege of being accompanied for lunch and dessert at one of their exceptional restaurants nestled at the base of the mountain. Royal Street Cafe is the true definition of relaxation and enjoyment. Seated on the patio, I enjoyed the cool 70 degree temps, while watching families of all ages cycle down the mountain side, relax in lounge chairs and ride horseback along dirt trails.

Initially I felt that I could sit on their patio for hours upon hours, seasons upon seasons, day and night, but it wasn’t until my dessert arrived when I knew that I could die in that instant and know I died a satisfied woman. Executive Chef and author of Chocolate Snowball, Letty Halloran Flatt has taken a completely mouth-watering and shout-out-at-the-top-of-your -lungs-atop-the-mountain delicious menu and complimented it with a seasonal dessert menu to seal the deal.

Amongst their many delicious desserts that I was able to sample, including a homemade ice cream sandwiches dipped in hot fudge sauce and their dense and moist carrot cake cupcake, my favorite of them all was Royal Street’s seasonal Chocolate Cherry Sundae. The sundae consisted of house-made chocolate ice cream topped with homemade whipped cream and locally grown fresh cherries. As if that wasn’t enough, the dessert had two perfectly made espresso cookies that had the perfect crunch to compliment this creamy delight.

As I was enjoying my cherry chocolate sundae it made me think that it’s winter inspiration may have been a warm brownie and cup of coffee while looking out a frosted cold winter window. The same comfort on a cold winter day that coffee and chocolate bring to my tummy, were brought in this frozen summer dish. Perfectly chocolatey, hint of coffee and everything local and fresh.  Simply Divine.


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