10 layers all to yourself at Ocean Prime {Everywhere}

“Hello, my name is Jaclyn” – Those simple 5 words had me whisked away into an evening of sheer bliss. Staff dressed in full white coats, true genuine smiles and thought went into each of their actions as I was greeted and sat at my table. Instantly I felt that I had stepped into an era of class, romance and sophistication. Ocean Prime provides elite service, making each of their guests feel as if they are the guest of honor for the evening.

And a 10 layered carrot cake is exactly what a guest of honor deserves. Thin slices of carrot cake filled with fresh pineapple, carrots and coconut all sharing the spotlight with Ocean Prime’s rich cream cheese frosting, stacked high with a heavenly splash of whipped cream. A fresh pineapple sauce garnishes the dessert enhancing each bite with pockets of citrus, all the while staying subdue and careful not to over-power the cake.

This dessert of layers flirts with your taste buds, enticing them to another bite, reminding you that tonight’s your night.  Come for dinner or merely stop in just for dessert but be sure to treat yourself to a night of prime quality & service, at none other than Ocean Prime.

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  • June 25, 2012


    Simply divine!!!!!