10 Low Glycemic Index Desserts!

2. Low Sugar and Flourless Apple Cranberry Crumble –

1-text-550-cranberry-apple-crumble-kalynskitchen - low glycemic index desserts

This recipe is from Kalyn’s Kitchen.  Imagine all of the crunch and sweetness of an apple cranberry tart, but without the high glycemic index of the crust and sugar. There are a couple of different ways Kalyn achieves this. First, most of the sugar comes from cooking down the fruits in the filling. Because there isn’t a lot of added sugar, the fiber in the fruit takes care of most of the fructose there. Then, with the crunchiness of the oats (harder to digest than the refined flour in crusts), you have a delicious tart with a lot less of the G.I. load.

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