2 Bucks Off Your Drink! {Phoenix}

Please don’t judge me for my insane obsession with The Cove Trattoria in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maybe it’s my Italian roots drawing me near the amazing owners treating me like family or my addiction to delicious sweets, but it possibly could be my marriage to a Dutchman that makes me seek out smokin deals! ::ah-hem..cheap:: (Did I say that?) So when I found out one of my favorite restaurants was offering $2 bucks off all their Summer Cocktails, I knew I had to drop in for a friendly hello.

The Cove Trattoria Drink Menu

The Cove Trattoria has release a brand new summer Cocktail menu including drinks like their Limoncello Martini, Whiskey Smash and a Raspberry Ginger Gin Fizz.

So I was like, “Mike, Mike – stop right there….I’m good with the Raspberry Ginger Gin Fizz. I already know this is my favorite. I love Raspberry and I love Gin…so what more do I need to sample?

UMMM – HOW ABOUT THE LEMON BASIL MOJITO or ESPRESSO MARTINI! Holy snickers and sprinkles Batman! (That’s what a sugaraholic says instead of Holy Crap That’s Amazing!)

The Cove Trattoria Drink Menu

I honestly thought they had me with the Raspberry Gin drink, and even their Whiskey Smash, but when it came down to the fresh smell of basil in place of mint in their mojito I was seriously on cloud nine. This drink is a sneaky little one, because it is so refreshing and gets you feeling like you’re in an Italian Kitchen off on a summer’s day with the windows wide (ok, maybe no windows open in Arizona).

And then there was the Espresso Martini. I’m not much of a Martini fan – but I am an Espresso fan, so I thought – sure, bring it on. Hands down one of the best alcoholic espresso drinks I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. It truly tasted like Espresso, not overpowered by the taste of alcohol – so once again The Cove created a sneaky yet delicious and refreshing cocktail for us Arizonians to enjoy!

Sneak on down soon for a sweet delight with their summer cocktails. Oh – and be sure to save room for the Nutella Pizza too.

Seriously – I’m not joking.


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