4 Tips Every Female Entrepreneur Should Follow for Success

For women hungry to start their own empires, there’s perhaps no better time than now.

Given that female entrepreneurship has been on a steady rise and that trend looks to continue in coming years, shattering the glass ceiling is most certainly within the realm of possibility for so many driven women out there. Female CEOs such as Mary Barra (General Motors) and Ginni Rometty (IBM) serve as shining examples of what’s possible in the business with persistence and the right mindset.

The reality for female entrepreneurs, though? There is no single template for success. There are common threads between successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

That said, we’ve broken down four tips and principles that apply beautifully to the modern world of female entrepreneurship. Whether you’re on the verge of a breakthrough or still find yourself struggling, understanding how these mindset tips could help make a huge difference in your professional life.


Confidence is Key

First and foremost, women in entrepreneurs absolutely must exude confidence when it comes to communication, promotion and simply being willing to put themselves out there. Whether it’s hyping your company up on social media or reaching out to cold clients and customers, belief in yourself is paramount to your success.

It’s not that shyness or timidness represents weakness, either. People feed off of your energy. If you’re positive and enthusiastic about your brand and its mission, your leads and prospects will take notice. In short, never go into any deal or conversation assuming that you’ll fail.


Eliminate Toxic People from Your Life

In order to maintain your confidence, you need to surround yourself with positive people who aren’t trying to drag you down. This rings true whether we’re talking about your personal or professional life. What do we mean by toxic people, though? Consider the following personalities as the kind you should steer clear from:

  • Anyone who doubts your abilities or second-guesses your work ethic
  • Anyone who suggests that your passions are misplaced
  • Anyone who treats you as “beneath” them, cold or condescending

Even if it means leaving some money on the table in the short-term, ridding toxic people from your life will make you feel exponentially better about your business for the long haul.


Develop Your Support System

Speaking of positive people, networking and developing relationships with fellow female entrepreneurs can exponentially help you stay focused and positive when times get tough. Entrepreneurship is inherently a struggle, but that doesn’t mean you should go it alone. Whether in-person or online, having someone to bounce concerns and ideas off of is always a plus.


Take Pride in What You Do

It might sound cliche to say that you should “find your passion,” but women entrepreneurs should be willing to invest 110% of themselves into their work. If you can’t drag yourself out of bed to get excited about what you’re doing, how much does your company differ from a traditional nine-to-five grind? As soon as you start to lose that sense of passion, it’s time to figure out why you feel dejected, either due to yourself or others.

No women entrepreneur should settle for second-best, nor should they tolerate “no” from naysayers and doubters. By sticking to your principles and having a set of personal rules to follow in the professional world, you’ll always know where you stand and how to better deal with adversity when it arises in your entrepreneurial journey.

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