4 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

You’ve invited the guests, and the house has been tidied, and yet you still have no idea how to host the perfect dinner party. Our idea of dinner parties being often disastrous events has been fueled by reality shows and cooking programs. If you want to prevent your party from being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons, there are a few hosting tips that are sure to make your dinner party dazzle.



Whilst many believe that a dinner party begins when the guests arrive, the basics of a good party are in the preparation. Preparing badly could mean that you run into issues when the party starts, making it harder to solve problems. However, this can be easily avoided by doing a practice run. Buy some extra food and cook the dishes on your menu, lay the table out, and even try your entertainment out on relatives. This will ensure that you know about any issues before the night itself such as how long the dinner takes to cook, whether the table will look how you expect it to, and even whether the games are as fun as they looked on the box.


Table setting

Table settings are extremely important to many potential hosts as they have the potential to impress your guests before the dinner is even served. For a great first impression, you should invest in an attractive centerpiece that will grab your guest’s attention and give your décor the extra wow-factor. Another important aspect of the table setting is your seating plan. To avoid unwanted arguments or unhappy guests, ensure that guests are sitting by someone with similar interests to them or someone that they can easily converse with. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to work extra hard to entertain bored guests.



Food is the staple of your dinner party and the reason why many of your guests have come. If you are feeling pressure to get your food right, cook a large chili con carne or pasta dish that can be shared around the table. This simplicity will ensure that there is something every guest will like, and their one-pan nature lessens any extra stress on your part as you will not have to focus on cooking multiple dishes at once. Additionally, this ensures that people can move around the room, enabling guests to interact easily whilst eating.

If you choose to opt for fine dining, however, there are plenty of extravagant and special options to make your dinner party a night to remember. Caviar is the perfect luxury delicacy for parties. Caviar, for some, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and this will give your dinner party finesse to impress, and a talking point as guests try a new delicacy. However, to ensure that the caviar is as flavorful as you want it to be, you should buy quality sturgeon caviar from a good supplier. Global Seafoods prides itself in producing fresh products that you can trust come straight from the wild, unlike the caviar you buy in the supermarket.


Guest Engagement

However, interacting with your guests is as important as the food itself. If you spend all of the party in the kitchen, it is likely that conversation will start to wane, especially if you invite people who do not necessarily know each other. The best way to engage guests and help them get to know each other is through an icebreaker activity such as a card game or even karaoke, whichever suits your guests better. Additionally, you should leave the chores for the morning after whenever you can, meaning that you can have more time chatting with everyone and less slaving over the kitchen sink. After all, the most important part of the party is that you enjoy yourself by having a fun night with friends and joining in with the festivities.

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