4th of July: 5 POUND Gummy Bear and Rice Krispie Treat SHEET! Yes Please @ITSUGAR

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Living in America we kinda get a bad rath for you know….trying to One Up Everyone? Bigger Better Badder right? I have know idea how anyone could think that….. I mean come on, whats the big deal if my daughter has a 5 lb gummy bear? Or Hello – Susie Homemaker brings a Rice Krispie Treat SHEET for snack time with the kiddos. Nothin bigger about that right?!

HAH! In all fun and games though – wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a 5 lb gummy bear?! Well now you can! Along with a whole ton of other fun and ridiculous delicious candy. IT’SUGAR Candy has got you covered. With Larger Than Life Treats like Extra Long Twizzlers or the Worlds Largest Gummy Worm. These jaw dropping sweets are the best thing you can bring this summer to a 4th of July Party. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will be talking about what “Mr. Johnson brought to the party!”

It’s as if they took this American Girls Dream and smacked it on the Shelf. Thank you for making my sugar dreams larger than life!

Enjoy! And drive on down to your local IT’SUGAR Candy Shop.

Happy 4th Friends!

5lb Gummy Bear

Largest Gummy WormRice Krispie Sheet copyExtra Long Twizzlers

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