4th of July Recipe: Watermelon Sparkler (Spiked or not?)

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If you’ve been following our 4th of July Treats with Sugar Loco features you’ll know my obsession for Berries and Watermelon. Particularly Watermelon as I am so in love with the crisp and refreshing tastes it brings to the hot summer days. Tikkido shares with us today their refreshing RED Watermelon Sparkler that I honestly feel would be such a hit for a 4th of July party, especially with the little Watermelon Star cut-outs! So super cute! (You can make it spiked or not depending on the party)

watermelon sparkler cocktail


Watermelon Sparkler


Watermelon Juice

Sparkling Water or Diet Lemon-Lime Soda

Vodka (Optional)

Simply save some of that fabulously pink fruit juice the next time you carve a watermelon.  (If you want to make these for a crowd, use a blender to liquify the watermelon, then run the juice through a fine mesh strainer.)

Pour a few inches of the watermelon juice in the bottom of a glass.  Fill the rest of the glass with either sparkling water or diet lemon-lime soda.  If you’re very careful as you pour the sugar-free clear beverage in the glass, you’ll get this gorgeous ombre effect thanks to the different densities of the liquids.

For the grown-ups, these are absolutely amazing spiked with vodka.  Or made with proseco instead of the sparkling water.  

Directions for: star-shaped watermelon ice cubes


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