5 Recipes for Cake You Need To See… And EAT!

You know you’ve found a good piece of cake when you realize you’ve eaten two or three slices, not just one. Any flavor cake is good cake, just as long as it is moist, slightly dense and also fluffy! Here are a few of our favorite cake recipes out there on the web right now! These are the recipes for cake you NEED to see.


carrot cake you need to see


The words “Carrot Cake” are kinda cruel to kids, don’t you think. You’re throwing their tiny minds on a rollercoaster. Carrots?!? UGH! Wait, CAKE! Awesome! But…with carrots? WHY WOULD YOU RUIN IT!?! Maybe we should change the name, because we think a good carrot cake can be delicious, even if it’s heavy on the veggies. We love Gimme Some Oven’s approach: it’s all about the carrot. Some bakers try to make it too complicated, when in reality, the cake should focus on its main ingredient and do it to perfection. This recipe does just that and delivers all the texture and flavor you could ever hope for.

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