5 Sugar-Free Sweets To Enjoy While Staying Fit

In recent studies, it has been reported that in the United States, 10% of the population is actually addicted to sugar. Let that sink in for a moment. Addiction is a serious illness. Just like people who are addicted to drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol, sugar-addicts cannot control their impulse to consume foods with a high-sugar content. Unlike the drug addict, a sugar addict cannot be easily removed from the products that send him into an unhealthy and ultimately deadly substance. A human being must eat. They may limit the sugars in the home, but sugar is hidden in many “healthy” foods.

When a sugar-addict leaves their home, they are exposed to endless fast food establishments, enticing them to stop by for a fix. So, what do you do?



Just like alcohol or nicotine it needs time to work its way out of your system, sugar detox is necessary. Consuming sugar causes a chemical reaction in the brain that causes you to crave more sugar. You should plan to detox for 4 weeks.


During that 4-weeks, you must be prepared with tools that will help you hang in there.

Food Number One




There are many specialty candies, rich chocolates, hard candy (to keep your mouth busy), and other favorites that are available online in sugar-free form. Sugar-free candy is something you should keep around for those weak moments. You can eat it and still give yourself an “atta girl” for not blowing the plan.



Food Number Two



Homemade sugar-free nutella spread. This is a wonderful food that you can make at home with healthy ingredients and no sugar. You can find the recipe here. Not only is it sugar-free, it is also a great source of protein, gluten-free, and low-carb. By the way, you can use this spread for a fantastic smoothie which is a great way to boost your energy.




Food Number Three



Avocado/mango superfood, sugar-free pudding. Filled with collagen, superfoods, protein, and fiber. This is a great pick me up that is sugar-free and gluten-free. It also gives you great skin. All you have to do is toss the following ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.


1 frozen banana

1/2 frozen avocado

1/2 cup frozen mango

1/2 cup spinach or any greens

1 tablespoon Further Food Collagen


Food number Four




No bake sugar-free almond butter bars. These treats are sugar-free, easy to make, and will soon become a staple item in your home. They are loaded with protein. Click here for the recipe.



Food Number Five



No sugar trail mix.  This is a must have. Keep a bag of this trail mix around for snacking or on-the-go activities. Use sugar-free coconut, sugar free candy, seeds, nuts, and any of your favorite foods. You can make your own dried fruit to avoid sugar filled fruit options, or opt for dried fruit that is sweetened with natural fruit juice. This is a make-it-like-you-want-it snack. Create your own recipe. The end result will be delicious, energy-packed, easy to carry snacks for the whole family.



Once you get your family used to avoiding sugar, they will be rewarded with a body that is healthy and energy filled. Avoiding sugar can be difficult as you continue eating it through your life constantly. If you have to lose your weight fast and get into your wedding dress within few months, it’s easier to knock it off while on diet for a while, not to cut it of weeks before the big day – you’ll be nervous, melancholic and depressed instead of happy and loved. Your family and beloved ones will be able to do all the things they want to do and will do them well if you free them from sugar in everyday routine. Sugar is not their friend. They will soon discover this for themselves. Until then, just keep creating sugar-free options for your family.

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