5280 Culinary Earth Salt Caramels

Created in the Mile High City, and delivered to your door anywhere, 5280 Culinary had my taste buds twirling and begging me for more Earth Salt Caramels.  The box tells you that “Caramel is best enjoyed at room temperature”, thankfully or I would have ripped right into the cold package after grabbing it from my porch.  No one wants their caramel experience to be ruined by the cold. So I sat and stared and waited.  And waited.  I even let them use my Snuggie to warm up.  {tis the giving season} And then one by one I poked at them making sure they were room temperature.  Alas!  Room temperature caramels!earth salt caramels

How do you describe something as perfectly balanced as this salty, buttery, magical caramel treat?  I suppose I just did.  And I will again continue to figure out how to describe them by eating until I’ve hit the bottom of my container.    Order a box of these and you’ll be experiencing the perfect chew, flavor, and salty balance a salt caramel should carry with it.

Fun fact:  The salt is drudged up from the sea beds under Utah.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…




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