A Liquor Infused Life {Denver}

Something so unique and creative about Yours Truly Cupcake in Denver, is their level of understanding.  You wouldn’t think a dessert shop would “get you”, but they do.  Just by speaking to you they know who you are and what treats will make your moment or massive event that much more special.  They’re so much more than a cupcake shop, they’re your dessert and liquor planners.  Helping you out with your dessert and liquor needs is what “moves them”.

Yours Truly Cupcake Entry from Tiffany Goodyear on Vimeo.

We’ve featured their cakey creations before, but they’ve recently added a more lavish offering to their menu.  Signature drinks, cocktail consultation, and dessert pairings.  Cupcake Cuties to attend your event and serve your guests.  Branded baked goods and office happy hour offerings.  And pretty much anything they can infuse with liquor, they will – just ask!

So cupcake, it’s not your run of the mill cupcake – it’s so much more.  Tiffany recently hosted me for a dessert pairing – some truly amazing new flavor combinations that I never would have thought of, or dreamt of trying.   Yours Truly Cupcake

Red Wine pairing – vanilla cake, cracked pepper, strawberry frosting, bleu cheese. My favorite of the bunch.  Seems like an odd combination for a cupcake, however you think of these flavors together on a plate and it totally works.  The bleu cheese and pepper hit you at the back of the throat, but not until the vanilla and strawberry have passed over your taste buds.  Quite delightful!

White Wine pairing – peach cake, goat cheese frosting, basil leaf.  I expressed that I’m not a fan of goat cheese, but I always taste it when it’s in front of me, just to see if I might acquire a taste for it.  Because the goat cheese is mixed into a sweet frosting, it’s palatable, and I actually enjoyed it. If you yearn for goat cheese, you’ll love every second of this experience.

Blue Moon pairing – apple cake, caramel whiskey cream cheese frosting.  Another favorite, as apples, caramel, and whiskey go together quite pleasantly.  Top that with a swig of Blue Moon beer and you’ve got me seeing candy colored rainbows and big sparkly unicorns.

A life without liquor infusing it, is well, just a boring life…

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