A little ‘pick me up’ at NORTH {Phoenix}

Espresso Foam. Need I say more? Espresso…Foam Bath? Sure! Espresso… Foam Sponge? I’ll take it. But seriously…..ESPRESSO FOAM on my dessert! Yes-sir-ree-bob! I’ll have what she’s having! {A little “When Harry Met Sally” joke? Any laughs from the crowd?}

The “Affogato” at North Fattoria Italiana in Arcadia is hands down, one of my favorites thus far. Made of a warm nutella cake, locally made vanilla gelato and an in-house favorite Espresso Foam…it was as if I met my match. Oh yes, and then sprinkled with whole espresso beans and chocolate chips. Why yes, I’ll have my cake and eat it too! The best of everything found in a perfect little jar. The Affogato has warmth and comfort provided by the delicious nutella cake, yet the creamy coolness of the gelato. Then the light {to-die-for} foam paired with the rich chocolate flavor. The crunch of an espresso bean and smooth melted cake and ice cream. Although opposites, everything compliments one another so nicely.

As my waitress walked by I jokingly asked if I could just have a bowl of the Espresso Foam, in which she joyfully informed me that they actually have a regular who comes in just for the foam – oh and a coffee too!

It wasn’t a surprise to me when I found myself scraping the bottom of the jar for another bite. As I walked from my table to my car empty handed without any left-overs I anxiously text my closest friend in California and let her know exactly where we’d be going the next time she visits!

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