A Little Piece of Cupcake Heaven at Hansen’s Cakes in Beverly Hills

One step into Hansen’s Cakes in Beverly Hills and two things are immediately noticeable. A friendly face welcoming you inside and the delicious aroma of cupcakes, frosting and sugar! These things and more make Hansen’s the choice of cake makers in the City of Angels. Celebs from Nancy Reagan to The Kardashian’s have called on Hansen’s to make their famous cakes for special occasions.

hansen's Cakes Beverly Hills california cupcakes

 From elaborate cakes like Marble with a Raspberry and White Chocolate Chip filling, to the basic Chocolate, each and every cake is made from a special recipe that has been passed down six generations and is clearly why Hansen’s has been around for so many years.

Cupcakes are hot right now! You can’t go down the street without seeing a few bakeries specializing in these mini cakes. Hansen’s now sells cupcakes and this news had this cupcake loving, sweet-toothed girl thanking the cupcake gods that be. I am a cupcake addict! I like to think of myself as a cupcake connoisseur of sorts. Wherever there is a cupcake, I will try it. Therefore that makes me a connoisseur, right?!?

Hansen's Cupcakes Los Angeles California

So off to Hansen’s I went to put myself into a deep sugar coma. I tried eight different cake samples and all were amazingly yum! As expected nothing I tried disappointed! From the delicious and ever popular Bridal White Cake with White Buttercream Frosting, to their ‘So Cal Red Velvet’, which is lighter than regular Red Velvet, to my favorite the Marble Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and Mocha Chip filling, everything was a little piece of cupcake heaven. You can taste the love and passion for baking that went into these little gems!

Near LA? Stop in to Hansen’s Cakes for your cupcake fix. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. And as an added bonus, you might see a celebrity nomming on a Hansen’s dessert or picking out their next cake for a big event!

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  • September 22, 2011


    omg YUM! sounds amaaaazing! and i’m kinda crying that i can’t reach through my monitor right now and grab one of the ones with rainbow sprinkles in the pic. Wah!

  • September 22, 2011


    Those look amazing! Next time I’m in LA I have to try!

  • September 22, 2011

    heather marks


  • September 23, 2011


    i live in LA and love this place!!!
    didn’t realize they were making cupcakes now….
    definitely have to check them out.
    great article!

  • October 2, 2011

    janie B

    Would love to try the Red Velvet one. Maybe you can bring me a sample when you come down to Texas. lol