A Sweet Pairing with The Sweetery

The Sweetery may be located in South Carolina, but I could taste their southern charm in my very own home.  I am especially SWEET on The Sweetery’s Wine Stix!  These crunchy little sticks make a perfect accompaniment to a great glass of white wine.  Could life get any better?

Wine stix the sweetery

The Sweetery has a long family history of 30 years in the baking business, and now their son, Ryan, has joined them also.  Even if you aren’t able to stop in for there for a sweet snack, you can always order you own online.  They also have Cake Croutons, talk about a conversation starter at your next dinner party!

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  • August 9, 2011

    Joanne Brady

    I grew up in Anderson, SC and can verify that The Sweetery is AWESOME!!!!! The Uggly Cake was their beginning, and my all time favorite, but I believe they could make dirt taste devine!