Above Parr Truffles {Denver}

I love little artisan creations, I picture the person who makes them with a giant smile on their face, with chocolate all over their hands.  They look like someone really took the time to love on them.  Hand molding little truffles into bite-sized indulgences (still smiling, of course).  It makes me happy for the person who made them, and me, the person eating them.

Above Parr Creations is a little cottage- grown, part-time, chocolatier and cake bakery specializing in cakes and moving up the ranks to chocolates.  I say, quit your day job Ashley, these little truffles are fantastic.

(note to self, snap some pics BEFORE popping them in your mouth, ya, I started with 4)

My fave?  The White Chocolate Cherry Truffle.  I bit into it, tasting a vaguely familiar fruity flavor – it’s CHERRY!  You don’t find that too often paired with white chocolate.  Oh so good, wishing their was another dozen sitting next to me right now.

For local ordering, message her on Facebook to get the deets.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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  • October 18, 2012

    Sarah E. Yoakum

    Awesome truffles!! Bye-bye Godiva!!