Addicted to Sherrye’s Kitchen {Phoenix}

Chef Sherrye Chapin of Sherrye’s Kitchen, had me sample her Caramel Addiction Gourmet Brownies, along with a few Brownie Truffles and Brownie Bites. Now, I have been around brownies all my life. We’ve baked them year after year for friends and family as Christmas gifts, in which everyone begs for our family secret recipe. I didn’t mention this to Sherrye, as I consider myself somewhat of a brownie connoisseur and take every opportunity to indulge in their sweet delight.

The moment I bit in and the rich caramel and deep chocolate hit my taste buds, I literally said out loud, “WOW”. Dead in my tracks, “WOW”. I have to make note, on Sherrye’s website and business cards it says, “The Best Ingredients, with a Touch of “WOW.”; this my friends, was not brought to my knowledge until after my “WOW” experience. No exaggerating.

Sherrye begins with a layer of her made from scratch brownies, then adds a layer of Ghirardelli Chocolate paired with her very own, homemade caramel and then tops it off with yet another layer of rich brownies. The description alone had my mouth begging for more.

I’ve always had a grading scale, comparing others brownies that I come across to our family secret recipe brownies and none have ever come close, but as far as I’m concerned, Sherrye’s Caramel Addiction Gourmet Brownies are in a category of their own.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…..



  • May 19, 2012


    Sherrye’s brownies are addicting – maybe should be illegal. Until then, I’ll continue enjoying then whenever I can. They make memorable gifts too!

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