All Pleasure No Guilt at Seasons 52 {Phoenix}

Imagine sitting down in a relaxing romantic atmosphere, after enjoying an exceptional meal of locally grown vegetables and the highest quality meats, when your waitress brings over the dessert choices of tart Key Lime Pie, rich Red Velvet layered with a dense cream cheese frosting, a Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse swirl, paired along with 6 other eye pleasing delights, when she whispers, “No guilt, all pleasure.”

As the original creators of the dessert shots, Seasons 52 features nine different mini indulgences, each hand made and under 300 calories. As I slowly enjoyed the rich dense chocolate of their Rocky Road indulgence I was in chocolate lovers heaven. Moving over to their Mocha Macchiato,  which is on the top of their customer favorites list, the vanilla mousse was so light, yet a large key in making  this caramel drizzled delight a true sensation.

Sampling each of the nine and falling in love with each, I made sure to save the last bite for total satisfaction. A true slice of Pecan Pie, packed tightly and ever so nicely into this little glass of bliss, I sat their soaking in the environment of live music, dimmed lighting and a cozy corner, all the while slipping my spoon slowly from my lips. Pleasure? Yes. Guilt? Well, no. (Assuming I only ate one).

Seasons 52 explores the true pleasure in eating, dining and enjoying.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…..


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