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Allie's EdiblesI almost want to rename this company Allie’s DEVOURibles (I know that’s not a word, but it should be).  Holy smokes, I let out a little profanity (in a good way) when I dove right into the Chocolate Covered Ganache – it came out like “holy s#$! this is amazing!”  Yes, you read that right, chocolate covered in chocolate and dipped in more chocolate.  I may or may not have enjoyed this edible with my coffee in the morning (pretty much the perfect companion to these sweets).  And I may have sworn my kiddos to secrecy when I gave them little nibbles with their rice krispies (“don’t tell your step-dad” – I said while waving the chocolate chunk around).

Chocolate Covered Ganache by Allie's Edibles

Chocolate Covered Ganache by Allie’s Edibles

“Allie” of Allie’s Edibles is a self proclaimed lifelong chocolate and sweets enthusiast – that’s code for CHOC-O-HOLIC, in my book.  Her love for chocolate has resulted in “Indulgent Comfort Sweets™” that have even the pickiest of chocolate consumers coming back for more and more and more…And now I taste why.

I received a sweet sampling of confectionery goodies including – a GIGANTIC Crispy Rice bar – which had the best texture I have ever had – it was easy to eat and didn’t leave my fingers full of stickiness or my jaw sore from chewing.  It was PERFECT-O in my book!  Also, in my little sampling I received the Chocolate Covered Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Covered Butter Nut Toffee, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars, and lastly my absolute-hands-down-chocolate-award-winner-goes-to (envelope please) – the  Chocolate Pretzel and Toffee Bark – the BEST combination of sweet, chocolate and saltiness – it’s this woman’s definition of pure heaven.

Chocolate Pretzel and Toffee Bark by Allie's Edibles

Chocolate Pretzel and Toffee Bark by Allie’s Edibles

I’ve definitely got the perfect sugar rush from this batch of goodness.  It’s a MUST try – and QUICK!!

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  • January 25, 2011


    this company has the best goodies!!

  • January 25, 2011


    Oh wow, all the goodies on her site look absolutely amazing.
    Sadly I don’t know if an overdose of chocolate justifies the shipping cost to my part of the country :c(