Amante Coffee in Denver Makes Tasty Sugary Treats!

amante coffee

I’ve been a repeat offender to Amante Coffee LoDo. And no, not for my morning cup of joe or my mid afternoon pick-me-up. The nectar I keep returning for? Amante’s Caffe Tiramisu, which may just be one of my favorite cocktails in the Mile High City. Yes, I said it, in a metropolis that is currently crawling with craft artisan drinks, brew master’s and taste makers, a coffee shop has created my favorite liquor induced treat.

Placed neatly in the downtown Denver hub, this not-so-average coffee house has a menu as extensive as its hours of operation.  Whether you choose this spot to kick off your day or to unwind after work, they’ll be open. This factor alone makes it standout. The coffee is exceptionally different as well. When Jordan Karp bought the brand in 2009 he also inherited coffee beans that are custom-roasted in Bra, Italy by the Ghigo family in a classic Northern Italian tradition. This particular detail has resulted in some unique and tasty creations, much like the night cap I keep venturing back for.

amante coffee
Wander to the LoDo site and you will find an extensive menu of coffee cocktails, perfect for a chilly evening during this festive time of the year. A concoction worth noting is the Scotch and Chocolate.This has been a hit within my friend group on a number of occasions.  And I don’t think an article about Amante would be complete without mentioning the Shottino, a shooter comprised of amaretto, espresso and cream. You may feel funny drinking liquor and coffee through a straw in a extremely brisk fashion, but trust me the experience is heavenly. Not into boozing at a coffee shop? That’s okay too. Like I said, their beans are awesome. Sip on a favorite latte or espresso and I guarantee your tastebuds will enjoy.
If you are traveling to Union Station, have booked a night at the Oxford or are in the general downtown vicinity,   I recommend making Amante Coffee part of your experience. It is perfect for the season and completely unique to the area it calls home. This isn’t an another coffee cafe, it’s a destination worth visiting over and over again.

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