Angell Organic Candy Bars Are The Perfect Grownup Candy Bar!

There is nothing better than a candy bar to hit the “sweet tooth” spot and Angell Organic Candy Bars are the perfect treat just for that. Made with cocoa butter, these candy bars are all organic, fair trade, and made from the finest ingredients that combine together to make a nice, light bar that you can enjoy any time of the day!

I tried the Angell Crisp, a gluten-free bar that is packed with creamy milk chocolate and crispy rice. I honestly would have never known it was a gluten-free candy bar had it not said so on the label. It tasted so much like their regular candy bars, the Snow Angell and The Dark Angell. The Snow Angell is made with white chocolate and a creamy coconut center which gives it a nice crunch which was a nice surprise when biting into it! I am a big fan of dark chocolate and The Dark Angell did not disappoint! It was full of delicious dark chocolate and a slight almond crunch. Filled with a cocoa center, this was of course my favorite! Angell-OrganicCandyBars

Next time you are in the mood for a candy bar that won’t make you feel too guilty about eating, buy an Angell Bar. These are truly a grown up’s candy bar!


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