Any Downton Abbey fans?

Season 3 – Episode 7. Downton Abbey has an opening scene, women prepping in the kitchen…..STOP RIGHT THERE – I’m hooked! Let’s stay here awhile….you know, in the kitchen.images

I’ve got my fair share of series that I record on television, but I just may be picking up another. Here’s the deal though – it’s not all about the show – IT’S ABOUT THE Downton Abbey Viewing Pack from Queen City Cookies that I’ve fallen for.

“Wait – whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you telling me that I can sit, watching my favorite show, eating the cookies and sipping the tea just like I’m there with my “friends” — ah-hem, I mean the characters?

Yep! That’s what I’m telling you.

Queen City Cookies has adorably packaged up inspired sweets & drinks by the television show Downton Abbey including 6 lemon pound cakes with lavender glaze, 6 bags of earl gray tea, 1 bag of Queen City Cookies signature shortbread, 6 lemon bars, 6 cranberry orange scones, 1 jar of Clearbrook farms marmalade jam, 6 decorative signature Queen City Cookies napkins & 6 Downton Abby decorative picks for lemon bars.

Adorable right? I’m so watching Downton Abbey. With my Viewing Pack of course.Downton Abbey Cookies


Cough, Cough – hey, I’m not down with you yet. If I tell you a mouthwatering secret you have to promise to TELL ALL your friends! Queen City Cookies is known for their ooey, gooey, buttery, blissful, bacon sticky buns called Schnecken! Tell em Sugar Loco sent ya.

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