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Blackberry Lavendar Syrup Recipe

Andrea Lynn , author of The Artisan Soda Workshop shares with us her recipe for Blackberry Lavendar Syrup. Enjoy!

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Blackberry-Lavender Syrup

Yield: About 1 cup

The lavender adds a light botanical flavor to the richness of blackberries. Not only is this a twist on a regular berry soda, but the syrup can also be drizzled on desserts like pound cake or angel food cake.

2 cups blackberries

¾ cup water

¼ cup raw cane sugar

1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers

In a medium pot, combine the blackberries, water, sugar, and lavender. Bring to a boil over high heat, and stir to dissolve the sugar. Reduce the heat to medium or medium-low, and simmer until the berries are completely softened, about 10 minutes. After about 5 minutes, smash the blackberries with a masher. When finished cooking, remove from the heat and let cool. Use a fine-mesh sieve to strain the berries and lavender from the syrup, making sure to press the berries against the strainer to extract as much liquid as possible. Discard the blueberries and lavender.

Refrigerate the syrup in a covered container for up to 5 days.

To make Blackberry-Lavender Soda: Stir 2 tablespoons Blackberry-Lavender Syrup, or to taste, into 10 ounces (1¼ cups) seltzer.

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