Aunt Gassy’s Peach Liquor {Recipe}

I’d love to have this hilarious story behind my Aunt Gassy’s name – like she has massive amounts of flatulence, or the great fart off of 1977, but I don’t.  Other than it’s what my kiddos call her because she is Great Aunt Suz – GAS, which evolved into Aunt “Gassy”.  Thankfully I have no idea if she has issues of the smelly sort or not, and frankly that might be a little TMI in my book (though toot noises always give me a giggle).

What I do know about Aunt Gassy is that her Peach Liquor recipe is amazing and something you need to get started on now – it takes 6 months to get that jar good and ready to drink.  If you start now, you’ll be drinking it up by next summer – or just go by the rule of thumb “It’s summer somewhere”.

What do you do with this peachy concoction?  I add it to my wine for a little sangria type libation, add it to breads, pour it over ice cream, stick a straw in the jar and sip as pictured.  The options are endless.

Go peach pickin and jar this up today!

Aunt Gassy’s Peach Liquor

(makes 1 jar)

Quart canning jar

Peaches (as many as you wish)

1 C Sugar

Ten High Whiskey

Boil your jars and lids, let air dry (just like you’re jarring jelly).  Peel, seed and cut peaches.  Add sugar to jar, top with peaches and fill to the top with Ten High Whiskey.  Put lid on, seal tight, shake to mix sugar.  Let settle and then shake again.

Store in a cool, dark place for a minimum of 6 months.  The longer you store it the better it will be.

Variations – maraschino cherries, or can of sweet dark cherries.

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