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I’m a sucker for products that are made locally, and Kenny’s Candy has to be one of favorite. Even if you don’t think you’ve heard of Kenny’s Candy, the fact of the matter is you probably actually have. For you fellow Minnesotans you might be familiar with them as they are the company responsible for the Barrel O’ Fun chips that make a perfect accompaniment to your dugout dog at Twins games. They are also the company behind the ever popular Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Liquorice. I first became acquainted with Kenny’s when I was just a wee girl one summer at my cabin, and they’ve held a special place in my heart since.  

Kenny's Candy

Kennys Candy

I’m not sure my heart has ever been filled with so much joy as when the box from Kenny’s filled with a massive amount of their products arrived at my door! Australian style Liquorice, Outback Beans, soda flavored licorice, and more- it was almost too much to handle.  I’ll start with my favorite- the soda flavored licorices. I had never saw these and couldn’t wait to try them. The flavors were Dr. Pepper, Crush Grape, Crush Orange, and Hawaiian Punch. I could not choose a favorite as all 4 were equally amazing.  I still can’t over how “juicy” they were,  as well as how much they tasted exactly like the soda (esp. the Dr. Pepper which I was skeptical about). The Australian Style Liquorice (Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Liquorice) was by far the favorite among my family, in fact I believe my brother’s exact words were “this is the best liquorice I’ve ever had in my life!” My favorite flavors of the Australian style liquorice was the huckleberry and the watermelon. My boyfriend’s favorite from Kenny’s was the Outback Beans (think jelly Beans on steroids). So much so that he almost finished a whole bag in one night and finally had to tell me to take them away.  

Kenny’s Candy offers the products mentioned above and more.  Their products are available for purchase online and at stores all across the country.  

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PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion.

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