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Denver’s Cherry Creek Neighborhood is Buzzing with Joy with the Re-launch of this Local’s Favorite 

I first fell in love with coffee and pastries when I worked for Starbucks. The experience was phenomenal for a gal like me— I was surrounded by all these goodies that I adored, and I grew so passionate about coffee, I immersed myself in it. So stepping into any coffee shop, I have a lot of knowledge about what’s going on. But walking into Aviano Coffee Shop was like walking into Christmas in July, it was not the coffee shop or the Starbucks landscape that I was used to. Instead, in front of me a sleek, modern, bench-lined coffee house that was more an architectural wonder than a place to take a cup of Joe to go.



The culture created by Doug and Saadia Naiman to welcome the community, and to encourage people to remain onsite for their coffee and tea consumption, rather than take it to go. This, for me, set the tone. I knew I was here to do a dessert tasting, but I first could not resist ordering the cortada—  it was a new one for me, which consisted of equal parts espresso and milk. Mmm! I also had a cappuccino, which did not disappoint, and since I needed a little more caffeine, I tried a cup of coffee. But Aviano’s coffee is far from average. Each and every cup is hand-crafted and I’m not kidding. Once an order for coffee comes in, the beans are ground per order, then placed in a cone, and the coffee is created using a pour-over method, and that’s how it’s brewed. Whoa, that’s fresh to a whole new level! These espresso drinks were so amazing, it was like drinking dessert. As sweet as they were, my palate was ready for more.


Forget the average blueberry muffin or cranberry scone. Aviano’s Coffee Shop got a tight grip on what we actually should be devouring in the morning or in the evening after dinner in Cherry Creek. It’s the perfect night cap, or shall we say “caf-cap” or “sugar cap”?

Here’s what I tried (and I urge you to do the same): Cherry Danish, oranais, palmier, shortbread cookie, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and a canele. The Cherry Danish was soft and sweet; it once again proved why it’s a favorite breakfast roll because the dough was subtle and silky, yet inviting. The cherry filling was uniquely flavorful, and didn’t need to be covered in frosting because it’s perfect as is. What I had never tried before was the oranais, which is a traditional French pastry, and consists of an apricot puff with a layer of crème brulee on the bottom. Oh my goodness! Need I say more? And how about the palmier—also French, what some Americans call the ‘elephant ear.’ So divine is the crunch it creates, and the tiny layer of sugar on top is the perfect finish.


A shortbread cookie is a classic treat but Aviano’s Coffee Shop version is one uniquely different because of its satin texture.  It was so buttery, and the sugar lining was not only tasty, but beautiful! We can’t forget the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, either, which was just as delicious. It was also my first time trying a canele, and I was pleasantly surprised such a petite treat could pack so much flavor! It was so soft and amazing that I had to have one more for the road. Everything that I tried was decadent, rich, seasonal and appetizing.

If you’re in the Denver area head on over to 244 Detroit Street in Cherry Creek for the experience of a lifetime. Not in the vicinity? Head to avianocoffee.com for more information, and check out Aviano on Facebook at facebook.com/pages/Aviano-Coffee. See what Aviano is tweeting on Twitter @AvianoCoffee.


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