Are you Awake? Eat a candy bar! @AwakeChocolate

Hello! Are you awake?!

Anyone in there? Wake up — Drink some coffee yo!

But I don’t like coffee…blah! (Ok, this is hypothetical speaking, because in my world that would be said by NO ONE EVER)

It’s more like – Bring Me Coffee – Bring Me Chocolate! Caffeine me please!

What if I told you there was a way to combine them both? WAKE UP PEOPLE – Anythings possible these days!

Awake Chocolates

Awake Caffeinated Chocolates has crafted together not only a deliciously tasting chocolate candy bar, but each bar equals the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee! (or 250ml energy drink!) Genius right?

So then there was that time where I tried to describe to you just what an Awake Candy Bar would do, and then I decided to sit back, open up a chocolate bar and let their #ridiculouslyamazingandhilariousyoutubevideo do the magic!




I really do love this product – its yummy and chocolatey (obviously) and offers that extra boost for the afternoon! Oh and did I mention they have Caramel too? HEAVEN! #saidinasingingvoice

WARNING: Do not put these in kiddos Halloween bags. You may have a raging mob of caffeinated kiddos making another round to your house as they bounce to the street lights and ramble your ear off about all the exciting candies they received. Instead slip one to the zombie looking parents who have to take on yet another street of homes because they have young rambunctious kiddos!

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