Back to School Dessert Idea from Nocciolata!!!

Alright parents – just a few days left. If your young’uns aren’t back in school already, they definitely will be after the Labor Day weekend. If you can allow yourself to get over the joy for just a moment, you might remember that you still have to do things like get your kids up in the morning, get them dressed, feed them breakfast, and get them out the door for the bus with a nice sack lunch.

The first couple of lunches are important – they set the tone for the entire year. Once February and March roll around you can mail it in and send PB&J’s with apple slices and chips and call it a day. But you don’t want your kid showing up with the lazy lunch in the first week do you? That’s why we’re sharing this easy and delicious s’more recipe from Nocciolata.

Nocciolata 2 LR

Nocciolata is a creamy spread made from gourmet Antillean dark chocolate, French hazelnuts, and a few other all natural ingredients. It’s GMO free, gluten free, certified kosher, and USDA organic. We’re not saying you should sit there eating tubs of it, but this is really healthy for a chocolate spread. So you should have no qualms about sending your kid to school with this AWESOME looking s’more to top off the gourmet lunch you made. They’ll be the talk of the lunchroom, and all the other parents are going to have to step up their lunch packing game!

Here are all the ingredients you’re going to need –

– 1 Jar of Nocciolata

– 1 Jar of marshmallow fluff

– 1 box of graham crackers

– 1 banana, sliced

From here, you can let your creativity reign. If you’re trying to get your kid to eat more fruit, go heavy on the bananas. If they’re a marshmallow fan, pile on the fluff. Of course, you’re going to want a heaping scoop of Nocciolata on there no matter which way you go. You can even make it a double decker sandwich if you think Junior needs a pick me up at school today. Just get ready to be the envy of lunch packing parents everywhere!


Like this recipe from Nocciolata? Head over to their homepage, where you can win a free jar!

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