Bacon Candy., the Internet’s #1 bacon super store, announces the debut of their new Meat Candy Bacon-Flavored Candies! 

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Bacon Freak, the company that coined the phrase “Bacon is Meat Candy™”, has announced the launch of their new lineup of actual “meat candy.” The Meat Candy by Bacon Freak Bacon-Flavored Candies includes novelty items like Pig Poop, Pig Boogers, Pig Dust, Bacon and Egg Gummies, the Giant Bacon Cupcake Gummy, White Chocolate Bacon Strips, and the Meat Candy Bacon Block.


Pip Poop, Pig Boogers, Pig Dust

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Bacon and Egg Gummies

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Giant Bacon Cupcake Gummy

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Meat Candy White Chocolate Bacon

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Meat Candy Bacon Block

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“Our new bacon-flavored candies are a fun and innovative collection of novelty products that were created for the bacon fan who is young and the young-at-heart,” said CEO “Boss Hog” Rocco Loosbrock. “These new candies are an homage to the retro candies from my childhood that I grew up eating. So many of our customers are young bacon fans, and we wanted to create a special lineup of products that indulges their imaginations, senses of humor and their love for novelty items and gag gifts. We decided to let vegetarians in on the fun, so although none of the candies contain actual bacon, they’re still loaded with lots of sweet bacon flavor.”


About Bacon Freak is known for its selection of more than 50 different varieties of gourmet bacon. Known as “the only bacon you can fry naked,” when you cook a pound of Bacon Freak bacon, you get a pound of bacon! Their products have been featured in People, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Food Network Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Comfort Food, 805 Living, Glamour and Inc. Magazines. Their upcoming “Bacon Freak” Cookbook will be published by Sterling publishing in 2016.

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