A Bacon Treat You Won’t Believe!

Bacon has become a phenomenon of sorts in the foodie world. We just don’t eat bacon for breakfast or on our grilled burgers anymore. Bacon has come a long way, especially as a dessert food. I’ve seen bacon added to baked confections, as a topping for ice cream, and now I have had the chance to taste bacon in a whole new way: dipped in peanut butter and chocolate.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly – there is actually a sweet treat made of fried bacon strips drenched in a melted peanut butter chocolate flavored “candy” covering.  Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

"covered bacon" "bacon snacks" "peanut butter covered bacon strips"
These Peanut Butter Chocolate Bacon Strips are definitely a unique indulgence.  I say “unique” because when you first think about the idea of dipping bacon into these two ingredients, it really does not sound that appetizing.  However, once you take a bite of this bacon all those misconceptions immediately vanish…poof!

"bacon strips" "candy coated bacon" "peanut butter chocolate bacon"

When I saw the strips of bacon inside the plastic container they are shipped in, I was not sure what to expect. Once I took a slice out and bit into it, I was glad I did!  The texture of the peanut butter – chocolate coating is very smooth and creamy.  I was surprised at how extremely well the bacon holds up to this “candy” coating – the bacon strips retain their crispness quite well. My favorite part of this bacon snack is the combination of the salty-sweet flavors.

Over all, this sweet-salty crispy bacon treat is a MUST try, especially  if you consider yourself to be a true bacon lover.  I have to admit, the team at Bacon Freak  really do know their bacon!

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