Bake Mate

I’ve spent many hours in the kitchen baking and cooking away, in my life.  Oh and if you count all the wine pouring I’ve done too, it practically adds up to the majority of my lifetime spent in the kitchen.  Though I love my culinary creations, what I don’t enjoy is the achy feet and back I get when I’m done cooking, baking, and pouring while standing on my hard kitchen floor.

I’ve been eyeing these mats for some time now so my piggies jumped for joy when GelPro sent me the mat of all gel mats.  When I opened the box, I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing.  It’s like bouncing on clouds while I whisk, stir, and flip my food.


Do you see how happy we look in our perfectly coordinated pjs?  Our cuteness should be enough for you to click on through and order yourself some new GelPro floor mats.  Don’t you want to be like us?  (kidding, this isn’t us, but these mats do really make you feel this joyful while you’re flipping your bacon).

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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  • July 3, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    I’ve been wondering about these. They work at relieving fatigue? Cool!

    P.S. Nice jammies, Mr SugarLoco 😉