Baked to Order from Isabella’s Cookie Company

Are you one to notice the little details? Like the added bow to a package or the added cinnamon to a cookie? How about coordinating the holiday’s with your baking delights?

Attention to detail is exactly what Jennifer Palmer does with her company Isabella’s Cookie Company.

Making each batch of her delicious cookies to order, Isabella’s Cookie Company is sure to produce a quality of cookie above the rest. I honestly could not resist brewing pots of coffee throughout the day just so I could sit in the comfort of my home nibbling on more of her cookies – yes I also found that it was a perfectly good excuse to stay in my jammies all day too!

Who knew I would once again fall head over heels for a coconut dusted chocolate cookie (for those of you who don’t know – I once thought I didn’t like coconut – boy was I wrong).

With Isabella’s Cookie Company you are absolutely sure to get a homemade – practically warm right out of the oven – delicious cookie, perfect for everyone’s enjoyment. If you’re buying them for a friend, here’s the disclaimer- ORDER YOURSELF A BAG TOO!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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