Balls Vodka – Get Some!

Balls Vodka That's Right

I can’t help but giggle when I receive something in the mail that says, “Ask your local liquor store if they have any balls. If no, tell them to GET SOME!” (and no, its not spam mail – this is the real deal).

Balls ::giggle:: Vodka is, well, the perfect vodka to mix up for a “Balls to the Wall” Cocktail or how about a “Blue Balls” mixed drink. I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP PEOPLE!!

Balls Vodka has taken a vintage babe, an eye catching name and bottled up American Vodka right in New York providing their consumers with an 80 proof beverage to enjoy and well, quite frankly, giggle about!

Balls Vodka Get Some

So if you’ve got THE BALLS – Great! But if not, GET SOME!

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