BAM! Emeril hand picks wine for YOU!

It’s not so secret, I want to be Emeril Lagasse’s best friend.  After receiving the new monthly wine sampler from my new wine buddy, Em, I feel quite close to him.  He handpicked this little wine sampler just for me. 7 glorious little 2 oz. wine bottles ranging from a California Pinot Noir, to a Semi-Dry New York Riesling, to a powerful California Syrah, along with four other special selections.  It’s like he knows me.  He knows how I like to drink and what I like to drink it with (in addition to a straw), by even offering some suggested meal pairings .

BAM! Instant best friends.  A great gift for your favorite winer and diner, or a lovely “I love wine, but have a hard time committing to a big bottle.  Plus the little bottles are quite adorable” gift for yourself. Choose from two exclusive sampler packages – the Everyday or the Holiday, or my favorite – BOTH.  I Iove most is the feeling of being whisked away to a wine tasting room in Napa where you sample your two ounces, swish it around, and then spit.  Though since no one is looking, you can swallow without judgment (what a waste to spit!). You know I’ll be right there with you, baby.   

When you figure out your favorites, go back and commit to an entire bottle having it delivered right to your door.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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