Bananappeal: Fostering my love of desserts

Why can’t we get enough of desserts in jars?  Because it feels special.  Like a gift.  And who doesn’t want gifts of sugary goodness? Even if you eat three or four of those dessert filled jars, it’s still adorable.  ::wipes banana remnants off cheek::

Along comes Bananappeal – a banana-licious company which makes and sells everything…Grapes!  Kidding,  silly!  Bananas!  Delicious, fresh bananas perfectly packaged in cute little reusable jars.   Banana cheesecakes and frosted cakes that are so rich and amazing you’ll be searching for the peel nearby.  At our meeting I embarrassingly sat and devoured a few jars right in front of  Courtney, the head Banana.  Contemplating my favorite and after sampling all of the banana-delights my final conclusion…The Banana’s Foster Cheesecake was my top pick.  That banana flavor is so pure, the cheesecake is so dreamy-creamy and the topping?  And don’t even get me started… A cinnamon rum caramel whipped cream. 

They don’t monkey around with bananas.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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