Bardot Is Bringing Sexy Back, with Gelato {Los Angeles}

Bardot Bars, the newest trend in “sexy ice cream”, is not your typical ice cream shop. This is more of an upscale ice cream boutique, if you will. With ice cream bars in cases to resemble a jewelry display, how could you not want to pop in and see what the fuss is all about? Plus, they are so pretty!

Started by Xavier Briseno, who’s known for bringing Italian style gelato to Mexico, Bardot serves up gourmet ice cream bars on a pretty red stick that’s sealed with a kiss. These decadent bars melt in your mouth and have you begging for another. With flavors like “Italian Mob” a coffee ice cream bar covered in coffee bean chocolate and the “New York, NY,” a bar layered with strawberry and cheesecake ice cream and a graham cracker crust, you know you are paying a pretty penny for some seriously delicious stuff. But trust me. They are worth every cent. I was lucky enough to try a few different bars and my favorites were the “Honey, I’m Home” a cookies and cream bar and the “First Love” Bardot’s version of Pecan Pie. Both super scrumptious. And no, I did not share!

With two “collections” to choose from, the “Classic” and the “Bardot,” there is bound to be something for everyone. They haven’t forgotten about the kiddies, either. The “Kid’s Collection” has two bars for your little one’s to enjoy – they too can partake in the “fancy” ice cream experience.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…..


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