It’s a beautiful day in So Cal….when a new writer comes on board!

It’s a beautiful day in Southern California when a new writer comes on board! Join me in welcoming the beautiful and talented, wine loving connoisseur and friend, Val Featherstun!

val featherstun Sugar Loco writer

After developing a passion for writing and a drive in the event planning industry, I am proud to announce that my friend of almost 15 years is joining our sweet and sassy team of writers! Val is extremely talented in everything she does, but it’s been her writing that has always intrigued me. She draws you in and keeps you reading, plus she’s pretty humorous too if I may add.

So let’s put our glasses up, ah-hem…I know its early in the day – but go grab a glass! We’re welcoming a new writer, it’s OK! I wont tell anyone…. and let’s welcome Val Featherstun of Southern California.


More about Val

Graduating from CSUSB with her BA in Business Administration, concentrating in Entrepreneurial Management; Val decided to take her future into her own hands and become a certified wedding/event consultant and opened her own wedding/event planning business in March 2010.  Her business, Ciao Bell’amore Events , is growing based on her reputation of  being very detail oriented, putting 110% into each client, being accountable/dependable in everything she does and having a passion to assist in selecting everything from the desserts to the drinks with her clients; she has nothing but good reviews and clients who have had nothing but good to say. She doesn’t call her business a job… it’s her hobby, passion, and something she would love to do 24/7.
On a normal day-to-day basis, Val is a purchasing agent for a retail store that has recently  expanded from one location to three.  She’s a busy girl with a lot on her plate, and on most days, needs to come home to have that one glass of wine to relax her and get her mind off of “work”.   Val has always had a passion for writing, if she can one day quit and not have to work – she’d love to lock herself up in a room and write… with a glass of wine, of course.  So when the opportunity presented itself to do exactly that with a team of Sweet & Drink loving writers… how could she pass that up.
If Val was a drink, she’d be a glass of Stella Rosa Rosso.  A refreshing semi-sweet sparkling Italian wine that everyone loves – Val is exactly that, just not full blown Italian. ????
You can visit Val’s website and reviews at:




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    can’t wait to read what this pretty lady has to say!