Beer Floats and Wine-cicles? {Phoenix}

A world of homemade ice cream beer floats and frozen wine-cicles is like a world of, well, pure delight and quit frankly, genius! Superstition Farm hosted a special event for Edible Exchange members and I had the wonderful privilege of joining in the fun. There are literally so many things I want to tell you about I just don’t know where to begin.

Ok – well, lets start with what you’ve all been dying to hear about…the alcoholic frozen delights!

Owner, Casey Stechnij, who I had the pleasure of meeting {and his sister Alison} own and operate Superstition Farm, but Casey has taken the Farm to a whole new level and offers homemade ice cream through their company Udder Delights. While at “The Farm” Casey paired up with local brewers from Old World Brewery and crafted up a unique Dark Knight Porter ice cream blended with homemade Butter Pecan! And as if that weren’t genius enough, they took it a notch above and started making beer floats with their Porter and Udder Delights homemade vanilla ice cream.

Completely infatuated by my, now, creamy beer I then see Casey walking around to all his guests from Edible Exchange passing out WINE-CICLE’S! Yes, Frozen Wine-cicles. Ridiculously delicious, I saw the joy in Casey’s face as everyone raved of the treats he had for us that evening.

The moment you meet Casey and walk onto his Farm he welcomes you like family with open arms and pure hospitality. I am so looking forward to taking my little kiddos for an afternoon at Superstition Farm and then, of course, we’ll be headed over to Gilbert for a scoopful of Udder Delights.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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