Beer with Candy: The Trick to Your Treat

To many adults, Halloween means battling hoards of demanding trick-or-treaters and can feel like quite the chore, but who says adults can’t join in on the fun? Let’s Grab a Beer has the trick to your treats this Halloween with candy and beer pairings: a new dimension that proves you don’t have to ditch your sweet tooth when you grow up. Instead, put that tooth to use with these scary good beer styles.


So grab that candy stash of yours (or maybe you grabbed the leftovers from the kids?) and get your bottle opener ready as we walk you through tasting notes from our beer expert Marc Stroobandt:


1)    Chocolate bar with caramel and nuts
Chocolate bar with Caramel and Nuts

  1. Suggested Pairing: English-Style Bitter
  2. Tasting Notes: The fruity hop aroma and rich malt middle of an English-style bitter plays off the caramel and chocolate sweetness while balancing the unique nutty character of this candy bar.

Chocolate bar with caramel and nuts + English Style Bitter

English Style Bitter


2)    Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

  1. Suggested Pairing: Imperial Stout
  2. Tasting Notes: Try a peanut butter treat with an imperial stout which has chocolate undertones that further enhance one of the world’s greatest pairings: chocolate and peanut butter.

Peanut Butter + Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout


3)    Chocolate bar with wafers

Chocolate Bar with Wafers

  1. Suggested Pairing: Belgian-style Dark Brown Ale
  2. Tasting Notes: A Belgian-style Dark Brown Ale is perfect with a wafer bar because of its slightly sweet flavor and darkly roasted malt which will bring to focus the vanilla flavoring of the crispy wafer center.

Chocolate Bar with Wafers + Brown Ale

Brown Ale


4)    Sour and Fruity 

Sour and Fruity

  1. Beer Style: English-style IPA
  2. Tasting Notes: The combination of sour and fruity candies with an English-style IPA that has fruity aromas, set off by a dry malt middle, and long hop finish balances the flavors.

Sour and fruity + IPA



5)    Sweet and fruity 

Sweet and Fruity

  1. Beer Style: German-style Pilsner
  2. Tasting Notes: The round malt character and balanced but robust hop bitterness of a German-style Pilsner makes the beer a perfect accompaniment to sweet treats like candy vines – the beer will cut through the sweetness and refresh the palate.

Sweet and fruity + Pilsner

German-style Pilsner


6)    Candy Corn

Candy Corn

  1. Beer Style: Belgian Pale Lager
  2. Tasting Notes: A Belgian Pale Lager will complement the candy sweetness with its own malty sweetness while adding a refreshing effect that uplifts the fruity flavors of the candy corn.

Candy Corn + Belgian Pale Lager

Belgian Pale Lager


Who says beer with candy isn’t genius?!

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