Belmar Teahouse, a Little Piece of Heaven that Welcomes Your Sweet Tooth

Belmar’s Wystone’s World Teas Takes Café Treats to Another Level

Imagine a place where the tea flows freely and the food is made freshly, a place where relaxation and sweet culinary experiences pair perfectly. If this is your desire look no further than Wystone’s World Tea in our Denver suburb, Belmar.

DfD Tea Party 2012a

Aside from this tea house being quaint, cute, and cozy, this café style teashop offers a number of delectable treats. From chocolate mint black tea to an assortment of Devonshire cream and berry coulis infused scones, your taste buds will dance.  Skip over to the dessert menu and just reading the options will make your mouth water. African-Spiced Carrot Cake, Seasonal Tea Infused Crème Brulee, and Chocolate Puerh Lava Cake, are just some of the samples I tasted at this one-of-a-kind tea bistro. They are traditional and rich, but with their own unique twists. To top off the experience I tired a lovely glass of Jasmine Blossom champagne, which like all of the other sweets was divine.   

DfD Tea Party 2012

Though Wystone’s is pristine, the options available for purchase are very price friendly and a true value. The café space is located on West Alaska Drive, Lakewood and is perfectly designed to host meetings, events, birthdays, and even Mad-Hatter tea parties. This place is truly perfect for anyone at any age.

 -Jordan, Julie, and Julie

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