Ben & Jerry’s Girls Night In

Ever stand in front of that chilly ice cream case overwhelmed with the delicious flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream screaming at you like little puppies at the pound? (yes)

You want to try a new flavor, but the commitment to your oldie, but goodie, is so strong you end up choosing the same one every-single-time.

Even while you’re eating that pint of your favorite flavor – you’re mentally cheating because you think you should have ventured out to tried a new one… (double yes).

Dr. Jenny, Ben & Jerry’s Resident Ice Cream Psychotherapist, to the rescue – I’ve got your prescription.  A fun Girls Night In Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tasting party!

Here’s how:

  1. Invite your favorite girls over for a night in.  Ask them what their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor is.  Stock up on the vino and serving utensils.  We got our adorable and yet socially responsible wooden serving boats and wooden spoons from Garnish.  Your friends will be obsessed with these amazing little boats.
  2. Go to your local grocery store and choose 10 (or more) precious ice cream flavors, some you have tried, some you have thought look good, but were afraid to commit to a whole pint.  I’m sure your cart will have a broken wheel too, so you’ll draw tons of attention to yourself and the fact that you look like you have a voracious appetite for ice cream…
  3. Own your voracious appetite for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Stand tall, walk proud.
  4. Snag some salty snacks to counter-act the sweet.  I chose Goldfish, pretzels, potato chips and a frozen pizza.
  5. Bring out your favorite stemware – mine for the perfect girls night in is by Lolita.  We have to act like classy gals before the ice cream scooper comes out and we turn into ice cream devouring animals.
  6. Pass the pint, please…. We piled all the pints up in the middle of the table, grabbed one pint at a time, took a small scoop and passed them to the right.  I gave each friend 5 boats ( and several spoons – (some people are anal retentive about their ice cream flavors mixing, some are not, but you want to accommodate everyone).  After the tasting everyone went back to their new favorite and filled up their bowl.

This was soooo much fun!  A lot of “oooohs” and “aaaaahs”.  Every girl was most proud to share her favorite with her friends.  My original favorite?  Phish Food (oh those little fudgey fish, you complete me).  But after this party – I have several new loves that I probably wouldn’t have tried without this party – Peanut Brittle, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and Milk & Cookies (see the entire flavor list here)

A couple of my friends hadn’t even tasted Ben & Jerry’s – UnAmerican? YES!  But we turned water into ice cream and made them believers.  One walked away with a pint of Banana Split and I’ve converted her to a “Ben&Jerryist” (it’s a new religion) for life.

We were also lucky ducks and got the first tastes at the newest Ben & Jerry’s flavor – Bonnaroo Buzz – named after the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival held in Tennesse every year.  This was the best piece of mail I’ve ever received. After quite a few tastes (one never can be too sure), I’m approving.  If you love coffee ice cream (and I do), crunchy toffee (oh yes) & whiskey infused caramel (give me more) this is the ice cream flavor for you.  I will tell you that.

One thing I don’t think many know about Ben & Jerry’s is that they are doing their part to make this world a better place, besides the sugar buzz, which would be enough for me.  They’re working to make all of their flavors Fair Trade, which I think is just sweet.  Check out their Fair Trade Certified flavors here (click on the flavors link). You’d be surprised to know what a difference YOU can make by purchasing these pints.

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