The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Generally kids are very active, and they like to play a lot. Parents are required to let their children play outside where they will have enough space to engage in different kind of games while observing nature. Unlike playing indoors, kids out there will be able to play with their neighborhood friends and this helps them not only to be social but also they learn a lot from each other.

Most of the parents send their kids out to play to avoid the distraction they cause in their house, but they don’t really realize how important outdoor play is.

Physical Exercise

As you all know exercise is vital to our bodies. Riding bikes, skating, running, playing ball games etc. are all form of exercising. It helps the children’s mind to relax, to develop and hence those who are at school are able to understand easily what they’re taught. Exercising also helps kids to be able to feed and sleep well too.

As a parent you should ensure the children are playing on a conducive environment. Have the playground sprayed with weed killers (read review) to avoid any accidents.

Increases creativity and imaginations

Some activities like kitchen activities help the children to be creative. Cooking mud cakes and serving their partners involves creativity. Observing things like birds on the tree, an airplane passing, wind blowing from different directions and the change of weather help them to develop their imagination.

Problem solving skills

Children who play outside have capability of solving their problems as compared to those who just stay indoors watching TVs and playing video games. This is because they interact with other children, they exercise leadership, teach new game to one another and learn to negotiate the conflict resolution in order to move on with the game.

Develop self confidence

Toys such as scooters, bike, and skates require balance and coordination. They teach the children new skills and develop their self-confidence. It is good to choose toys according to the age of a child and let them learn from beginner to advance. This will give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace and will boost their confidence too.


Bacteria and viruses spread very fast and can get children infected when they’re together in an enclosed environment like classroom. However exposing them to lots of fresh air reduces the spread of infection.

Vitamin D which is provided by sun is important to your children. It helps to promotes better moods, memory and energy levels. The overall health of a child who plays outside is good.

Childhood is all about exploring, playing, running, jumping, climbing, swinging, racing, hiding and all sort of messing around. All these activities are well done and enjoyed outdoors. Children should therefore be allowed to play outside despite the weather. As a parent, you should make sure they are dressed according to the weather.  Join them once in a while and play together.

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