Best Desserties on Pinterest and How to get over a Million Followers

There are gazillions of people on Pinterest right now, and katrillions more signing up every single day.  How that site doesn’t crash more often I will never know.  I’ve been dabbling in Pinterestdom for some time now, pinning, repinning, commenting, and liking my favorite desserts.  I recently asked YOU on Facebookwho are your favorite Desserties on Pinterest“, mainly to see who can make me drool the most, and then ravage my pantry eating everything sweet in site.  These folks did it.  And though I know there are so many more, these pinners really got my attention with their mouthwatering dessert pins.

Cookies For Kids’ Cancer – It feels good and they all look REALLY good.  Their Pinterest boards are all dedicated to cookies, cookies, and more cookies.  They’re also about a great cause, raising funds to support research for pediatric cancer through local bake sales. Good cookie karma.

The Lucky Wife – Chef John and Anne, a husband and wife team and published co-Authors create boards which will inspire your senses.  Travel, treats, and my favorite – the Limoncello Recipe Collection board.

Bakerella – well really, do we need to explain why we chose Bakerella as a fave?  One word Cake Pops.

Thrillist – even though this is a man-site, they totally woo’d us with their man-food of “Bacon Bonanza” – bacon and waffle shakes, chocolate covered bacon, and bacon lube?  (BTW, WTH?).  Oh and let’s not forget their delicious board called “Lively Libations” – booze pops, egg creams, and dirty martinis.  That’s how they do it.

Janice Wald Henderson – a travel writer and eater (my kind of vacation – “traveleating”) and creator of her own cookbook called “White Chocolate”.  Boards filled with desserts at sea on her Cruise Control board. Food Couture – filled with fashions so cute you could almost eat. Check her out.

Averie Cooks – talk about a sugary carb heaven.  I’m in a coma just looking at her boards.  Bars + blondies, breads, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, oh my my my.

How Sweet Eats – Her “How Sweet it is Recipes” board will have you slobbering like Pavlov’s dog when a bell rings.  So many recipes, so little time.

Lola’s Sugar Rush – Lola can do no wrong in my eyes.  Her love of candy and sugary treats gets me all verklempt. I dare you try to sit through all of her pins without raiding a bag of candy. Make that double dog dare you.

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Sugar Loco / Jaclyn Douma /  Mia Sanchez-Pellot / Julie Bielenberg / Lindsey Muth / Amy Urbanski / LaVonne Fernandini / Ashton Keefe /

Brandie Valenzuela /Amber Gibson / Tina Muir / Caroline Waldman

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Who are your favorite desserties on Pinterest?


  • February 8, 2013

    Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Thank you for including me in this post! I love Pinterest, especially all the sweets and desserts. It’s like my own personal candy store, bake shop, and source of inspiration, all in one! Thanks for the add here!

  • February 8, 2013


    Hello…. what a great list of foodies on Pinterest! I can’t wait to check them and their pins out. Pinterest is addictive I could spend hours on there pinning and repinning. I have found some amazing recipes on there.

    Thank you so much for including us. 🙂