2nd Birthday! Best of the Best Desserts 2012 {Products and Places}

Though many people talk about the “Terrible Twos” I’ve gotta say our second year rocked and kick some sugary-butt along the way.  No kicky-screamy-tantrums for us, just a bunch of big sugary smiles because of all the sweets we got our hands on.  It’s our second birthday, and with that comes CAKE (who’s baking??) and a big celebration.  I’m excited about both, considering I am a buttercream fanatic and I love giving prezzies to my friends.  Yes, there is a HUGE giveaway coming to coincide with our list of favorites.  Join the #SugarLocoParty and enter the giveaway!2012 best of the best desserts

Our contributors were so busy this year eating, eating, and eating and these are extraordinary, we know it because we’ve been telling everyone about them, dreaming of, and craving more.  So here it is… “The List” of all lists.  The list you need to add to your bucket list of “Must Eats”. Why?  Well, because we said so.  #duh
Jenny’s Picks – Founder, Denver, CO Editor





Brownie Points

Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry 

{Denver} I refuse to pick just one

 Elway’s – Ding Dong

 Second Home – Chocolate Bread Pudding

Hummingbird Bake Shop – Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes


Jaclyn’s Picks, Phoenix, AZ





Eden Vermont Ice Cider

NutWhats – Cashew Coconut Scribble


The Cove Trattoria – Nutella Pizza

Honeymoon Sweets – Peach Pie


Alana’s Picks, Los Angeles, CA





Petite Pig 

{Los Angeles}

Coupa Cafe – Tres Leches

Mia’s Pick, Gahanna, OH




natural bliss caramel creamer

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss – Caramel Creamer



Amy’s Pick, Minneapolis, MN




Pennsylvania General Store – Scrapple



Ashton’s Pick, NYC, NY





Divine Chocolates

Divine Chocolate – Dark Fruit & Nut


Julie’s Pick, Candy Expert





See’s Candies – Lollypops



Lindsey’s Pick, Portland, OR



Ellse Pasticceria – Fleur de Sel Cookies



Brandie’s Pick, Las Vegas, NV



Spoonable – Brooklyn Butterscotch


LaVonne’s Pick, Savannah, GA




Divvies – Choco-O-Lot Brownie Cookie Doubles


  • January 14, 2013

    Connie Weiss

    I’ve had those See’s Suckers at a PTA meeting and it was the best meeting i’ve ever been to!

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  • January 14, 2013

    Melissa Chartier

    Totally agree with Jaclyn’s pic in Phoenix with Nutwhat’s ! Outstanding Sweets.
    Jaclyn next time try her Carmels, they are out of this world !

  • January 15, 2013

    Vicki L.

    I need to try that Mike’s hard Chocolate thing. If only it didn’t conflict with my goals to drink less. I need to find a loophole.

  • January 15, 2013

    gretchen from lifenut

    The from-scratch Ding Dong caught my eye when you posted it at Instagram, Jenny. Good lord, it looks amazing.

    The See’s Lollipops are intriguing and definitely a step-up from my usual lollipop, which are Dum Dums I swipe at the kids’ doctor’s office.

  • January 15, 2013


    I pick them all!! YUM! and happy birthday too 🙂

  • January 15, 2013


    My kids are so excited to be living down the road from a See’s Candy store now. Grandma would bring them those Lollypops every time she went out of town. Now they want to send the Lollypops to grandma!

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