The Best Pumpkin Pie EVER!!!! Made By Caroline MiLi Artiss

Last time we checked in on Caroline MiLi Artiss, she was making DELICIOUS smoothies at the YouTube Space LA Foodie Happy Hour. Since we love her so much, and since we showed you how to make a Pumpkin Pie-tini yesterday, we figured we’d show you her recipe for real Pumpkin Pie. There are LOADS of Pumpkin Pie recipes out there, but you’re going to need to try this one -we think it’s the BEST!!!

Now we all know it looks delicious, but you’re going to have to try it for yourself. For this and MANY other delicious recipes, head over to Caroline’s website or YouTube channel!
P.S. – To our 7th grade friends Emma and Cece – Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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