Biscaitie: Soft Biscotti

This was my first experience with Biscotti and I’m delighted to announce it was a pleasant experience. In my mind Biscotti was dry, bland, similar in taste to cardboard, and hard as a hoof.  Biscaitie is anything but that.  More cookie like than most biscotti, they’re soft and chewy and packed full of flavor.

Biscaitie is the creation of Caitlin Allen, and inspired by her trip a trip to Italy to recreate the delicious treats she fell in love with in Florence. She took  the beloved treat and put her own twist on it- soft-baked biscotti that were crisp and crunchy without being tooth-shatteringly hard. Thus the Biscaitie was born.

I got to give my taste buds a treat, as I got to try the Lindy Pop (lemon poppy seed), Speakeasy (mint chocolate chunk), The Ritz (ginger almond) and the Charleston (peanut butter chocolate chip). My taste buds got spoiled and I was left wanting to get my hands on more.

Biscaitie is the perfect complement to your morning cup of Joe and give you a little pick-me-up without loading you up first thing in the morning. They’re tasty enough to pass for a treat but restricted enough not to leave you feeling guilty for grabbing a second one. Biscaitie has a new fan in me!

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  • October 9, 2012


    Thanks for the great write up, Amy! I’ll be launching this weekend, so there will be Biscaitie for all! Cheers to Sugar Loco!