Bistro 24 at The Ritz Carlton Phoenix

As you walk into the Ritz Carlton Phoenix you are immediately greeted with a smile, as the door opens and you walk into their elaborate foyer. The music from a piano kisses you ever so gently as you head towards the Ritz Carlton’s own Bistro 24.

I had the pleasure of meeting Executive Chef, Stephen Toevs, and like all of their staff he greeted me with such hospitality and joy. Enjoying a delicious dinner, it was difficult to reason with myself as I tried to focus on the real reason I was there – DESSERT!

Sous Chef, Matthew Ludwig and Pastry Chef, Andrew Schweska also stopped by my table to introduce the desserts I would soon be enjoying. It was extremely insightful to see the team of Chef’s behind these tempting dishes and to see how much each enjoyed to work with each other. Its rare to find such passion among an entire staff so it was a joy to see this in Chef Stephen, Chef Matthew, and Chef Andrew.

Did I mention I was there for the desserts? (Such a great atmosphere and experience, it’s hard to just focus on the sweets!)

On the menu for the evening was Bistro 24’s Coffee Brownie, Pumpkin Brulee and Pina Colada Tres Leches.

(Of course you know my heart was already infatuated by the Coffee Brownie – served with house made espresso gelato, chantilly cream and raspberry jam…infatuation soon turned to love as I sank my first bite)

The Pina Colada Tres Leches surprisingly was a tough competitor with the Coffee Brownie, since I am such a huge coffee AND chocolate lover, but the lightness of the cake, which by the way is soaked with Brazilian Leblon Rum, and the citrus of pineapple mousse and coconut sorbet was remarkable. It was easy not to share these desserts with my hubby.

And as if The Ritz Carlton hadn’t spoiled me enough, I, as well as our server, were surprised by Chef Andrew with more desserts including their Apple Beignets and the Taste of the Southwest, an organic blue corn cake with caramel panna cotta, lime sorbet, salty pine nuts and a spiced prickly pear sauce.

Bistro 24 will definitely be on my request list the next time we go to dinner, and you know...if hubby wants to keep me there overnight – I don’t think I’ll object!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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