Bittersweet’s Pumpkin Dessert {Denver}

One of the homiest restaurants I’ve been to in Denver.  When I pulled into the North Washington Park area restaurant, the outside Craftsman Style “home” was calling my name.  Had Chef Olav not stopped me, I would have left my shoes at the door, thrown my purse, walked behind the bar and poured myself a stiff one.  Sorry Chef, my bad.

The fun is not only in the decor, I could tell it was in the camaraderie of the restaurant staff too.  It would have been a little weird hugging Pastry Chef Danielle St John the first time I met her, so I withheld, but I wanted to – she’s just so “sweet”.

You can taste the love in their dessert too.   Danielle has perfected a unique twist on a fall classic dessert.  I was delighted to taste Danielle’s “Pumpkin”  –  spice cake, a scoop of pumpkin ice cream and cream cheese mousse.. I repeat…CREAM CHEESE MOUSSE.  A flavor I had never experienced before, but is newly one of the most exciting and comforting trifectas I’ve tasted.

Now go cozy up to their fireplace with a plate of this baby.

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