Boozy Brunch {Cookbook}

I received Boozy Brunch {the Quintessential guide to Daytime Drinking}, curled up with a blanket, some spiked coffee, and perused through this little drunken cookbook…(very fitting!)

I love how almost every recipe has a side-note to it, a fact relating to the alcohol used or fun famous quote. The food pairings with the liquor pairings are outstanding too.

(like this pairing of a “coffee nudge & chocolate chip and bacon pancakes)

I enjoyed the easy recipes and variety, especially if I’m starting early in the day, which this book encourages you to do. There’s even a bit if humor on the pages which keeps me interested. I flipped through cover to cover, in one sitting, flagging the pages as I went.  Enjoying each and every boozy beverage picture and yummy food along the way. Great for new twists on old cocktails and also the classic oldies, but always goodies. I found a number of new recipes that include my number one fave drink, coffee! I’m also now prepared to drink more than a mimosa before Noon.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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