Bottle up that Chocolate Covered Strawberry Please! @ChocShopWine

There’s no denying it – we are a website that LOVES desserts and drinks. But what if there was a way to combine the two….like REALLY combine the two. I’m not talking let’s have some wine with our dessert. Or here’s some whipped up concoction of a cocktail that tastes like dessert. No seriously COMBINE the two! LIKE A CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY IN MY WINE kinda way?

Chocolate wine by Chocolate Shop

I have to be honest – when I first cracked open the bottle I thought that maybe it would be too sweet or taste a little too fake but that was FAR besides the point. The Chocolate Shop really has mastered the art of combining dessert and wine with their Chocolate Wines.

I loved the Chocolate Strawberry wine with hints of flavor as if you were really devouring a chocolate covered strawberry. So Delicious.

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PS – we did snarf these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion.


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